Mushroom diets are one of the healthiest diet you 
can have.  Its potential is limitless and can be a 
substitute for your meat requirements.
For inquiries, email us at [email protected]
or tel.# 664-5830; 831-5830

Manila Mushrooms
grown right in the metropolis...

Mushrooms grown fresh right here in the metropolis for the uban population.  
Email us for inquiries.

Oyster Mushrooms - pleurotus ostreatus

We pack our fresh oyster mushrooms in plastic and styrofoam packs of 100 grams each.  We only have this for pickup or delivery.  We do not ship fresh mushrooms as these can be damaged during shipping.

We produce dried oyster mushrooms as well.  We can ship these dried mushrooms thru LBC or FedEx or your choice of shipping.  These can be shipped in the following forms:

1.) Powdered (roasted) - ready to mix to food.

2.) Powdered (raw)

3.) Shredded into strips (raw)

4.) Whole dried mushrooms (raw)

Lingzhi Mushrooms - ganoderma lucidum

Our Lingzhi mushrooms can be packed as whole dried mushrooms or shredded.  Whole mushrooms can last longer in storage.

These can be vacuum packed or simply packed in food grade stretch film on cardboard plates.

Volume orders require advance notice.  Lingzhi mushrooms takes a lot of time to grow.

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