Mushroom diets are one of the healthiest diet you 
can have.  Its potential is limitless and can be a 
substitute for your meat requirements.
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Manila Mushrooms
grown right in the metropolis...

Mushrooms grown fresh right here in the metropolis for the uban population.  
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Reishi Mushrooms or Lingzhi Mushrooms

Lingzhi Mushrooms has been a secret of long life during ancient China and Japan.  It is used as a medicinal mushroom and is known to help create a balance inside your body systems.

Is is taken as a tonic or tea and has a slightly bitter taste.  It is soft when fresh and hard as wood when dried.  You normally shred it before you boil it to drink its essence.

This mushroom grows more common in the wild, however, mushroom farmers have been able to replicate the growing environment of these mushrooms, thus they are able to produce these in the mushroom farms.

Manila Mushrooms has been able to produce these mushrooms for the local market.

These precious medicinal mushrooms grow on dead and decaying logs.  Manila Mushrooms was able to collect some dead logs from trees that were uprooted in recent typhoons in Manila and planted these with our Lingzhi mushrooms.  

If you know of any freshly cut logs or trees, please contact us so that we can make good use of these logs.  Email us at [email protected]

Lingzhi is cut into small pieces for cooking to extract its essence.

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