Mushroom diets are one of the healthiest diet you 
can have.  Its potential is limitless and can be a 
substitute for your meat requirements.
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Manila Mushrooms
grown right in the metropolis...

Mushrooms grown fresh right here in the metropolis for the uban population.  
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Manila Mushrooms

At Manila Mushrooms, we are focused on providing fresh grown mushrooms within Metro Manila.  You are guaranteed freshly harvested mushrooms for your cooking needs.

We provide fresh produce to local wet markets and restaurants.  We are always researching on new ways to increase productivity while reducing costs and delivery time for your fresh mushroom needs.

Look around our website and if you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact us. 

We hope to see you again! Check back later for new updates to our website. There’s much more to come!

Our Research and Development for a sustainable mushroom farm.

We at Manila Mushrooms, try to reuse, reduce and maximize the use of our organic wastes.  We research on best use of our organic paper wastes as well as maximizing the use of fallen wood trees for our mushroom production.  Below are some of our laboratory trials.

Waste paper preparation, added with sugar and gypsum & mushroom spawn.

Mushroom growth on waste paper

Mycelium colonization of treated cardboard

Oyster mushroom growth on cardboard medium

Ganoderma mycelium colonization of treated newspaper

Ganoderma growth on treated newspaper after 30 days.

Why Us?

Our mushrooms are grown right here in Metro Manila, thereby reducing carbon footprint of delivering quality fresh produce daily.

We use harvested rainwater, old sawdust, old newspapers to grow our mushrooms thereby keeping our mushrooms organic, sustainable and affordable.

We are located right beside public markets and thus, we guarentee 1 day fresh mushrooms for delivery.

Proudly Philippine grown!

Reuse of Fallen Logs during typhoon Glenda

We collected some of the fallen logs during the past violent typhoons and inoculated them with ganoderma grain spawn.  Our success rate was less than optimal, nevertheless, we have produce some mushrooms using this method.

... image has a small reishi mushroom growing in one of the logs.