Mushroom diets are one of the healthiest diet you 
can have.  Its potential is limitless and can be a 
substitute for your meat requirements.
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Manila Mushrooms
grown right in the metropolis...

Mushrooms grown fresh right here in the metropolis for the uban population.  
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Oyster mushrooms are a great source of protein, zinc, vitamin B, C & D and even folic acid.  It has a very good anti oxidant propeerties, which means it can boost your immune system to fight Cancer.  Not only are these mushrooms tasty, they are also medicinal.  Oyster mushrooms are also anti bacterial, which means, you can take them even when you are sick and can even fight off bacteria for you.

They are low in calories and fat free.

Musrhooms are packed by 100 grams or 200 grams depending on the orders.

Our mushrooms grow in a controlled environement.

100 gram packaging we supply to farmers markets and groceries.

Different Varieties include:

White Oysters mushrooms

Pink Oyster mushrooms

Gray Oyster mushrooms

Pulverized Mushrooms for food processing.  Used for mushroom burger patties and the like.

Organic Seasoning

made from 100% mushroom and used as a healthy flavoring alternative to MSG.

No salt added for the health conscious.

Packed in dispensers or plastic refill packs.

Wood Ear Mushrooms - Tainga ng Daga

Fresh Wood Ear mushrooms are a delicacy in Chinese cooking.  It is not only delicious, but also very nutricious.  It also has a lot of medicinal benefits.  Wood ear mushrooms are commonly called Tainga ng Daga in the Philippines.

Dried wood ear mushrooms are very easy to store, and has a long shelf life.  Just soak them in water before cooking and you get the feel and look of fresh mushrooms.  

Reishi Mushrooms, Lin Tzi, LinChi, Ganoderma Mushrooms!

Reishi Mushrooms or Lin Tzi Mushrooms

coined from the Japanese word for 'King' these mushrooms has indeed been a miracle medicine for thousands of years, used mostly by royalty, used in traditional Chinese & Japanese medicine.  These mushrooms normally thrive in the wild, in the deep forests, however, recent technological studies have allowed commercial cultivation of these wonderful healing mushrooms.

These mushrooms help balance our entire body systems, so much so, as to fight and cure diseases like cancer, diabetes, hypertension and a lot more.  The healing prowess of these mushrooms are intended for long term use, therefore, its primary role is for disease prevention, and for fighting disease.  

Lin Tzi or Reishi Mushrooms

We freshly grow and pack our Lin Tzi or Reishi Mushrooms in 50 grams, 100 grams or 1 kilogram packs.  You can order in whatever volumes you may require.  A 50 gram pack like in the image can be good for around 10-20 pitchers of boiled Lin Tzi tea.

We produce limited volumes as these mushrooms take a long time to grow.

Preparation for Reishi or Lin Tzi Mushrooms for intake.

Lin Tzi or Reishi mushrooms are often packed and sold dried and whole.  To be able to maximize the benefits of these mushrooms, cut them into thin strips, such as the picture on the side, then boil them as a tea. You can use your old kettle, or your crackpot. You can recook your mushrooms until the tea loses the color or taste.  The darker and more bitter the tea, the more powerful your drink is.  Drink daily as your water or as needed. Drinking these will cause some flatulence, and that is quite normal.  

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Oyster mushrooms can be dried and stored for a longer period of time.  Drying does not extinguish its nutritional value.  You just need to submerge them in water before you cook them.

Unlike Vegetables that loose some of their nutritional values when cooked, mushrooms tend to keep all their nutrients intack even after cooking.

We can pack them for you as dried mushrooms or fresh mushrooms, depending on your requirments.

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Roasted Powdered Organic Mushroom Seasoning packed in 50 grams refill packs.used as seasoning or as ingredient for veggie meat processing.

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Thank you Starbucks for your spent coffee grounds!
~ by Manila Mushrooms

Special Thanks to Starbucks for giving out their spent coffee grounds for better use.  We use Starbucks spent coffee grounds in our organic mushroom farms.